The Future of Cybersecurity in Internal Audit

By: John D. Jamison, CISSP, CISA, CFE, Lucas J. Morris, CISSP, and Christopher R. Wilkinson, CISSP

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Over the course of just a few years, cybersecurity has grown into one of the most significant risk management challenges facing virtually every type of organization. Is the internal audit function keeping pace with this rapidly changing area of risk? This research report examines this question and, based on a survey of internal audit and cybersecurity professionals, offers some observations on how internal audit departments are adapting in order to address cybersecurity risks.

A decade ago, the internal audit function evolved and adapted to the increasingly important role that IT was playing in all aspects of business operations. Today, internal audit faces the need to adapt once again to address the critical risks associated with cybersecurity. This report offers a summary of key survey findings and provides insights into some current internal audit and cybersecurity policies and practices. In addition, the report’s authors draw on industry experience and observation based on their working relationships with internal audit functions across a broad range of industries.



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The Future of Cybersecurity in Internal Audit-PDF
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