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Supplemental Guidance: The Role of Auditing in the Public Sector Governance

By: Stephen G. Goodson, CIA, CISA, CGAP, CCSA, CLEA Kenneth. J. Mory, CIA, CPA, CISA and Jacques R. Lapointe, CA, CIA, CGAP

This guidance presents the importance of the public sector audit activity to effective governance and defines the key elements needed to maximize the value the public sector audit activity provides to all levels of the public sector. The principles discussed are relevant to national, regional (i.e., state or provincial), and local (i.e., county, city, or village) governments, as well as quasi-governmental and international government organizations. They also may apply to other publicly funded entities. In this guidance, all of these entities will be referred to as public sector organizations or entities.

Item Number: 10.1098

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