Sampling: A Guide for Internal Auditors

By: Barbara Apostolou, PhD, CPA

While it is possible to examine 100 percent of an audit customer's data, the time and cost associated with such a study are often prohibitive. To obtain sufficient, reliable, and relevant information with a limited data set, sampling is an efficient and effective tool. 

Sampling can help you evaluate the customer's assertions, as well as reach audit conclusions and provide reasonable assurance to your organization. This handbook will help you understand sampling. 

It also serves as a guide for auditors and students preparing for certification. Topics include: 

  •  An overview of sampling
  •  Statistical and nonstatistical sampling issues
  •  Sampling selection methods and risks
  •  The pros and cons of popular sampling plans

About the Author:

Barbara Apostolou, PhD, CPA, is the Ernst & Young Alumni Distinguished Professor of Accounting at Louisiana State University. She is a faculty member in the Center for Internal Auditing and  author of numerous articles and books on auditing topics.

Also by the author: Sampling for Internal Auditors, 2nd Edition: Text-based Self-Study Course  

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