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Emerging Strategies for Performance Auditing: Insights from City Auditors in Major Cities in the U.S. and Canada

By: Ronald C. Foster, CIA, CRMA, CISA, and Thomas F. O’Connor, CIA, CGAP, CRMA
From $15.00

Auditor Roles in Government Performance Measurement: A Guide to Exemplary Practices at the Local, State, and Provincial Levels

By: Paul D. Epstein, Stuart S. Grifel, CIA, CGAP, and Stephen L. Morgan, CIA, CGAP, CGFM
From $65.99

Using Expert Knowledge Structures to Design Fraud Risk Assessment Decision Aids

By: Jacob Rose, Ph.D., and Carolyn Strand Norman, Ph.D
From $39.99

Why Enterprise Risk Management is Vital: Learning from Company Experiences with Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Compliance

By: Steve G. Sutton, Vicky Arnold, Tanya Benford, and Joseph Canada
From $40.00

Internal Audit Reporting Lines, Fraud Risk Decomposition, and Assessments of Fraud Risk

By: Jacob Rose, PhD, and Carolyn Strand Norman, PhD
From $24.99