Reprint and Translation Requests

We are pleased you've found something of interest in one of our publications. All material published by The IIA and Internal Audit Foundation is protected by U.S. copyright laws. Obtaining our permission prior to the reproduction, redistribution, and/or translation of any of our materials is legally required. Please review the following conditions and procedures for obtaining rights and permissions and feel free to contact us at if we can be of further assistance.

Requests may include:

  • Requests for permission to reprint IIA- and Internal Audit Foundation-published products and research reports
  • Requests for permission to translate IIA- and Internal Audit Foundation-published products and research reports
  • Requests for quotations to be used in another publication or article

Please submit your request using the Permission to Reprint or Translate Form to receive information regarding associated fees and conditions of use. Upon acceptance, all fees, if any, must be prepaid and submitted with the signed agreement. Failure to submit fees will delay the application process.

Please allow four to six weeks to process requests. Requests submitted from outside the U.S. (excluding IIA Institutes) will be forwarded to the local IIA Institute for review before permission can be granted.

Permissions are granted a period of one year, effective from the date of the signed agreement. To republish and distribute additional quantities, or to republish beyond the first year, you must submit additional request(s). It is understood that this is not a blanket permission and permission must be requested for each instance The IIA or Internal Audit Foundation copyrighted material will be used.

Requests for Permission to Reprint or Translate the International Professional Practices Framework (including the Standards)


Requests for Permission to Reprint the Quality Assessment (QA) Manual

We have established special pricing for those performing quality assessments where each team member requires a copy. In lieu of granting permission to duplicate or reproduce any part of the product, the QA Manual on CD-ROM is available for purchase at a substantially discounted rate. A hard copy of the QA manual must be purchased for each review in order to take advantage of this offer. Please contact the Internal Audit Foundation at to request these discounted copies. Quantity discounts do not apply.