New Internal Audit Manager Bundle - 2019

By: The Internal Audit Foumndation

10 Key Techniques to Improve Team Productivity: A Guide to Developing Your Team’s Full Potential

By: Hernan Murdock, DBA, CIA

Leadership is an essential ingredient for team effectiveness. It involves vision, enthusiasm, caring, and trust, and when it is present in the team, it propels the group to new heights. Leadership goes beyond budgets, workpapers, and reports. It means knowing people, connecting with them, and helping them achieve things they didn’t think they could achieve. An increasing body of knowledge is emerging regarding team dynamics. This book serves as a useful guide to increasing team productivity and energizing performance.

Collaborative Auditing

By: James Pelletier, CIA, CGAP, and Yuki Matsuura, CCSA, CRMA, CPA

As the role that internal auditors play within their organizations continues to change, there is an opportunity for the audit function to consistently deliver value through high-quality work. This book guides internal auditors to maximize their capability by going beyond the traditional role to using the audit process to engage and educate key stakeholders in managing their risk and meeting their objectives more effectively.

Clarity, Impact, Speed: Delivering Audit Reports that Matter

By: Sally F. Cutler

Sally Cutler is an acknowledged expert on audit report writing. Her expertise in document design, reporting processes, and writing quality has benefited a host of internal audit, controls, and compliance groups where she has consulted and provided training throughout her career. In this book, she updates report-design and report-writing techniques, enabling you to construct clear and persuasive audit reports that address current and emerging demands. These strategies work whether your organization is small or large, your internal audit activity is long-standing or newly established, and you are a for-profit, not-for-profit, or government organization.

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