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Data Analytics: Elevating Internal Audit’s Value

By: Warren W. Stippich Jr, CIA, CRMA, CPA, and Bradley J. Preber, CPA/CFF, CGMA, CFE, CCA

Today’s audit leader struggles with creating an integrated, efficient approach to data mining that maximizes the impact and value the audit department delivers. The objective of the project is to research and design a data analytics framework ranging across a wide spectrum of concepts (such as financial risk, compliance, and fraud) to help internal audit functions broaden risk coverage and enhance audit efficiency. 

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a data analytics framework and use it to accomplish multiple audit objectives.
  • Enhance internal audit efficiency through the use of data mining and analytics.
  • Eliminate duplicated data mining and analysis efforts across audit and other functions.
  • Determine the optimal effort needed to maximize the framework.

The Internal Audit Foundation, in partnership with Grant Thornton, conducted research and provided subject matter experts and editorial resources to produce this report.

Data Analytics: A Road Map for Expanding Analytics Capabilities

By: Richard Cline, Ward Melhuish, CSSGB, and Meredith Murphy, CFE, CAMS

The recent evolution of data and analytics provides organizations with limitless opportunities to capture more value. Most organizations know they need to implement analytics in their operations, but many struggle with how best to do that. The material in this book will help managers and decision makers gain the necessary perspective to develop a strategy or hone existing efforts—even as continued innovation and technological advances are creating new applications for technologies.

The first several chapters provide an overview of the critical elements of an analytics effort, discuss a framework for digital transformation, and cover how to identify the highest-value priorities. The last three chapters discuss specific applications of analytics in internal audit and offer detailed examples.

Readers will learn about:

  • The keys to analytics success
  • The changing data and analytics needs of companies
  • A digital transformation to unlock analytics
  • Defining, scoring, and determining priorities
  • Detecting trends and patterns through blended data
  • How to measure the value of analytics
  • How to apply analytics to an enterprisewide risk assessment

This book will be of interest to executive leaders, chief audit executives (CAEs), and internal auditors who want to make a case for investing in analytics. 

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