Auditing Human Resources Bundle

By: Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP

An organization’s human capital is arguably its most valuable asset, yet there are a number of inherent risks that internal auditors must understand and manage. These books are a valuable resource for every human resources (HR) audit activity, and they are bundled for savings! 

Auditing Employee Hiring and Staffing

Each time an organization hires a new employee, it is exposed to several risks. Internal auditors should recognize the importance of ensuring that human resources (HR) departments are in compliance with the regulations that govern hiring and staffing. This handbook explains the risks and expenses involved in human resources so that auditors will be equipped to address problems and guide organizations. Included are appendices with useful information on key legislation, staffing records retention, and staffing-related websites.

Auditing Human Resources

Human resources management covers a broad spectrum of workforce activities. Despite its integral role, HR is often considered a “soft” area and management may not understand the inherent risks involved with this function, including employment law issues, compensation and benefit plan design, recordkeeping, and potential fraud issues. This second edition is an essential tool for internal auditors to examine the technical and practice dimensions of the HR function and to create a comprehensive system that adds value to the organization.

Auditing Compensation and Benefits Programs

Internal auditors are beginning to recognize that there are major organizational risks and costs associated with administering compensation and benefits programs, and are adjusting their efforts accordingly. Inappropriate management of salary and benefits costs, which often make up a large portion of the overall budget, can have a significant financial impact on an organization. This handbook can help those responsible for administering and auditing these programs ensure that their organizations are implementing best practices and addressing all appropriate risks.

Auditing Employee Management

There are clear risks in administering employee management programs. Numerous laws govern human resources administration, making compliance a key concern. In today’s environment, key issues include training employees in a struggling economy, increases in fraud incidents, management/union relationship strains, and the baby boomer exodus. This handbook offers practical information on risks, audit program development, employee performance management, HR policies and procedures, safety and security, and collective bargaining. 

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Auditing Human Resources Bundle - Printed
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Auditing Human Resources Bundle - eBook
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