Auditing Anti-Bribery Programs

By: Hans Nieuwlands, CIA, CGAP, RA




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Within the last decade, the world has changed considerably when it comes to combating bribery. Global companies have legal and ethical obligations to conduct their business honestly. This report creates awareness that the role of internal audit is vital to the success of an anti-bribery program. It introduces the concepts of bribery and corruption and the need to stop it. The report also includes a sample anti-bribery program.

 Readers will learn:

  • The importance of combating bribery
  • Initiatives from leading global organizations
  • Impacts of national laws on global operations
  • The elements of a structured anti-bribery program
  • How to audit anti-bribery measures

Anti-bribery programs that are fully implemented and continuously monitored can be a powerful way to protect an organization against the risk of bribery and corruption. Internal audit is well positioned to evaluate the design, implementation, and effectiveness of the organization’s anti-bribery program.



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